Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How's My Hair?

November? Really? That's the last time I blogged? November was, like, four months ago! In the last four months not a single thing has happened that inspired me to set aside a few moments of time for blogging. You'll be ecstatic to read, my dear followers, that something of import has finally happened. Not birthdays or Christmas or visitors or even snowmen. Wait for it...

Kyle has refused to let us buzz his hair and has asked us to allow him to grow it out. Because he wants to spike it in the front. With hair gel. That's right, hair gel.

My little boy has suddenly turned into a regular boy with hairstyling preferences.

Some one should have warned me that six-year-old boys care about their hair. I was completely unprepared for this development. What's next? A girlfriend? Comments along the lines of, "You're not wearing that to take me to school are you, Mom?" Acne? Wait... he's going to stop kissing me goodbye in the mornings, isn't he?!

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