Friday, May 28, 2010

I Love My Kindle

I know, I know. I've been neglecting my blog. But I have a good excuse. Well, maybe not a good excuse, but I do have an excuse.

I bought a Kindle. And it has taken over my life.

Do you know what happens when a bookaholic can buy new books with the push of a little button? Do you know what happens when suddenly any book that pops into your head can be in your hands in less than 30 seconds? Do you know what happens when you don't have to deal with the nightmare of dragging three kids to the bookstore (and more importantly, dragging them out of the bookstore)? Do you know what happens when you can carry around over 1,000 books at a time in your purse?

Your butt becomes permanently attached to your favorite spot on the couch, Kindle in hand, except for when you must be somewhere else. And even then, the Kindle is close by, in your handbag or sitting on the passenger seat of the car next to you. It's on the nightstand at night, and on the kitchen counter while you're making dinner.

Don't worry--I'm still cleaning the house and feeding the kids. I'm not becoming an episode of Hoarders in the making. I've even been busy over the last month. We've had dance recitals, book fairs, business trips, and parties. But my free time is reading time and not blogging time.

I hope to eventually recover from my Kindle infatuation, but for now I really hope I'm not forced to choose between my Kindle and, let's say, Kyle because I don't know who'd win.