Friday, November 12, 2010

That's My Boy

Kyle is definitely ours. I present you with the work of art he produced in his computer class the other day:

Oh, Kyle, you are absolutely ours.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Return of the Snow Log

Some of you might recall this post, Retiring the Snow Log--For Now, from June. I fully expected to break the snow log out again in October, and I was considering it a small victory that we hadn't had so much as a flurry until a couple of days ago. Then yesterday morning I was going about my business...

"Kids, eat your breakfast... Natalie, please stop talking to Brandon while he's supposed to be eating... Kyle, burping is disgusting. Saying 'excuse me' afterwards is great, but I'd rather you didn't do it at all... Brandon, eat your banana--don't play with it... Get dressed!... What do you want for a school snack today?... Please go brush your teeth... Stop playing in the water, and brush your teeth!... I don't care if this isn't 'pretty' enough to wear to school, Natalie, because it's what I got out, and you're wearing it... Kyle, stop reading long enough to put your shoes on..."

...when I looked through the kitchen window as the sky started to lighten, and I froze in place. Snow. Half an inch of snow covering everything in sight. And I'll admit it... I was a little excited. Apparently, living in a place where it snows regularly from November through April does nothing to diminish the feeling of joy that accompanies the first snowfall of the winter.

I know by the time April rolls around--or let's be honest, by the time February rolls around--I'll be sick and tired of the snow and shoveling and snowboots and snowsuits and scraping windshields. But for now I'm happy to bring back my little snow log. Let's see what Newfoundland has in store for us this winter.