Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yeah for preschool!

Ahhh. Preschool has finally started, and Kyle already loves it! Check out the couple of first day pictures we took above. He goes every weekday, 8:30 to 12. It's been much easier this week running errands with just two kids instead of three, and I can tell Natalie is enjoying having her run of the house while Kyle's at school. Unfortunately, we can't really go to the playground since it's already getting cold here--especially by our Texas standards. The TrailBlazer said it was 37 degrees when we drove Kyle to school this morning. 37! And I don't think it warmed up much from there. We should see a few more nicer days before the cold weather really sets in, but summer is definitely over!

It feels like Halloween should be our next project, but the next holiday here is Thanksgiving on October 13th. How lucky is Shaun that he gets a holiday for his birthday? I'm sure we'll celebrate Thanksgiving in our own quiet way, and then we'll start gearing up for Halloween. The kids haven't yet decided what they want to be this year. We better start thinking about it since it's only a month away!