Sunday, October 31, 2010


Betsy really needs to blog but can't find time to write anything longer than a Facebook status update.

Betsy has traveled back to the U.S. twice in the past month, once for a sad occasion, and once for a happy occasion.

Betsy's house has fallen apart due to all her traveling, and the dustbunnies are starting to boss the kids around.

Betsy underestimated the number of meetings that she would be involved in as Home & School Committee Secretary.

Betsy also underestimated the number of meetings she would end up having to take a four-year-old and a two-year-old to, and therefore she also underestimated the amount of sweating she'd have to endure.

Betsy always knew she was a perfectionist, but she didn't realize she could spend so much time perfecting the school's charity auction ad booklet.

Betsy's plan for the next few days is to exterminate the aforementioned dustbunnies since the husband is out of town working (golfing), and then she will attempt to resume blogging in paragraphs. Once she gets Halloween out of the way.

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mommompoppop said...

I'm glad - I was getting worried about your blog . . . I need something to occupy my time at work! Hahaha! Love you, Baby Girl! xxxxxooooo